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Having my financial aid money come through is a niiiice feeling even though it's all going to disappear right away. But sort of goals for the start of next month aka my month of birth:

1. Big goal is to try and save money. Especially by bringing lunch with me more often. And just look at other pieces of it.

2. Slacked a little on the cardio part of my working out, so I need to work on that. But I am keeping up with the weight liftng and going to start adding a few more reps/sets. Not doing it as many days as I should, but two days is still better than none/one. Though I feel like I need another piece to add into my rest days other than cardio. Haven't found that yet. And why with all the jumping/shit that aggravates my tendonitis health magazines?

3. Also going to try to journal what I eat more regularly. It helps me think a lot more about what I'm eating, which is good. A big part of my problem is that unless I'm super nauseous, I feel this need to eat if I"m sleepy or headachy, since it makes it go away. So I need to reign that in or at least make more reasonable choices. Which brings me to four...

4. Try to get more healthy foods in like veggies and fruit. It's not been easy for me to do this month due to money issues, but I have enough money right now that I should manage to get start a little more. Eating better might also help me feel less tired as well. A little anyways.

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