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I had a superhero/mostly Marvel viewing week of sorts consisting of Thor, X-Men: First Class, Iron Man and Megamind. Which was nice, though rental prices are ridiculous. But well, thoughts...

Thor was plain old fun. Really, really fun. I love Norse Mythology and while I know it wasn't accurate, I didn't go in expecting it to be. (I play from koei games, so I can't really trash that sort of thing.) I want to see more of these characters and while I know most people didn't care for their relationship, I want Jane and Thor to meet again. He promised ;;

My only real complaints: a lot of dark scenes in the beginning that were very annoying, though I they worked as atmosphere and likely so that they didn't have to work as hard on making the Frost Giants.

Secondly, while I think Loki is a great character, the flow in his motivations+actions felt off in places The movie is entertaining enough to make up for it, but I well, I dunno. Something just didn't work quite as well as it could have.

X-Men: First Class was something that was okayish. I'll admit I'm sort of biased since the fandom for it is so obnoxious when it comes to the lead actors. It felt like a lot going on at once and at times it seemed like the characters motivations/emotions didn't work. Like they didn't react enough. Charles was the only one I really felt attached to throughout it. Erik was okay, but not as captivating for me. It might just been my unsure towards Fassbender fans playing to that. That and the fact that previous Magnetos in both the first trilogy/comic books/cartoons are hard acts to follow. And Raven was sort of blah to me. Like the actress is okay, but not quite what I had in mind when I thought of Raven.

There are a lot of fun moments in the movie and I might get it to complete my X movie collection, but I feel like it meandered too much and I got impatient for it to end. I was spoiled for it, but I was also spoiled for Thor and didn't find my attention waning with it. Part of the problem might be that the movie is an ensemble feature, which spread it too thin while it also tried to add weight to it's moral dilemma's and relationship between Erik and Charles

Iron Man
I enjoyed this for the straight on action flik/thriller that it was. It's the kind of movie I might have ended up watching with my mom, only with a super hero twist. Nothing deep, though the question of how Tony's resolve to not be a merchant of death matches up with his decision to make a high tech suit of death of is one to ponder on for a while. And I love Pepper lots and I am glad she didn't instantly become his girlfriend.

Kind of unsure about there being a second movie for it, but well...

Megamind actually held up better than I thought it would. It was fun and light hearted and just generally silly. It was also a relief to see that it wasn't about Megamind being tragic and unfairly misunderstood, but about him realizing his mistakes and finally choosing to be the person he always could have and should have been.

Though Yesh, some of the face proportions. And Titan is actually pretty frightening in some scenes and it's very intriguing how anti-"Nice Guy" the film is. Titan is a bit creepy from the beginning and Megamind gets called out on his fuckups with Roxanne and has to redeem himself instead of being given her love because he was entitled to it. Which is a decidedly awesome thing, but surprising all the same since I went in expecting it to be a bit more clich├ęd in that respect (not that it's super original or anything.)

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