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Modifying this and just doing it in one go, since I can't see some of these answers meriting more than a couple lines:

20 Day of Samurai Warriors

1 - Favorite Character: Masamune Date. I think I've loved every single incarnation of him and what koei has done with him each game, particularly his sort of growing process. In SW1, he's this brat who barges into battles. In SW2, he's this angry, scheming young man who allows himself very few if any friends and SW3, he's... still angry and also really bitter on top of that, but he goes from being a schemer to a person who cares more about what's best for Japan instead of the glory of his clan.

Plus he's just fun to watch, because he is so incredibly pissy towards people. I like his bickering with Kanetsugu/"I want you to approve of me, but you keep cockblocking me/fuck you when you will you be grateful." I like his dorky boner for Yukimura, because well, who wouldn't want Yukimura. I like that Kai head butted him in SW3:E. I like Magoichi's broness towards him and the way Keiji picks at him. And gosh, it's just so much fun to see him be annoyed and constantly perturbed.

As an honorable mention, I'd say my second favorite is Kanetsugu, since he's the one I rp and I'm just ridiculously attached to him. I like the layers he has to him: over eager dork, jerkass snark machine, bestest friend ever, asshole who jerks Masamune's emotions around, incredibly just and honorable person, blood knight, wise and respected strategist, over eager puppy and.... complete and total sub/masochist Thank you Aya.

2 - Least Favorite Character: It's really hard to say and a lot of my issues with characters are more with bad choices Koei makes with them, so I'll have to say Mitsuhide.

I feel like Koei doesn't quite know what to do with him. He becomes less and less convicted when it comes to his ideals with each game and it's not enjoyable to watch. The friendship with Motochika could have been interesting, but it ends up making Mitsuhide look whiny and means that Motochika's relationships from the sw2:xl (his son, Hideyoshi, Yoshihiro, Ginchiyo, Mitsunari and Ieyasu) were either ignored or downplayed in Motochika's own storyline. Plus, the fact that they never have Gracia come into play into his story, ends up making him look like and incredibly shitty father. Like I know that games like SWC, SW3:XL and the Orochi's games are far better about them interacting, but the fact that she never appears in his own story makes him look like a shitty father, which I don't think is Koei's intention. Plus, it deprives him of what could have been an interesting conflict.

Koei has a great concept for Mitsuhide: a good man torn between his duty to do what he knows is right and his duty to follow and obey the powerful and frightening man he admires. But the way Koei portrays the journey from following Nobunaga to decided to kill him became very awkward in SW2. In SW1, we see right away that Mitsuhide, along with a few other characters, was willing to help people escape certain death by Nobunaga's hand, even if it meant threatening them or scaring them. It's shown from the beginning that Mitsuhide doesn't like a lot of what Nobunaga does and his decision to rebel is based partly on that and partly on the realization, "Hey, I have my own dreams of conquest and I believe I'd be better at it."

In SW2, he looks down on people who oppose Nobunaga, his decision to rebel only coming after the slaughter of the Saika and in a way that feels spur of the moment. And then they had Magoichi be the real killer of Nobunaga, which was hilarious and awesome, but undermines Mitsuhide's own fight. SW3, tries a bit better, by having him occasionally note that some of what Nobunaga is doing is wrong and being jealous of Hideyoshi for having the courage to act like a "coward" instead of murdering innocents, but it's replaced by a lot of whininess. While his conversation with Motochika is very compelling, it also makes it too easy for the viewer to wonder if Mitsuhide would have betrayed Nobunaga without any goading from his good friend (for the record, I think he would have, but with more whining). One thing I will give sw3!Mitshide, whining aside, is that he at least TALKS to someone, where as SW2!Mitshide has no real compelling relationship accept fanboying Nobunaga.

But to get past the HOOBOY FEELINGS ON MITSUHIDE I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD tl;dr, I actually don't hate him, I just hope koei makes better decisions with him, such making him less whiny/up Nobunaga's ass/that he talks with more people including his daughter and so on.

3 - Favorite Game:
For simple nostalgia reasons, SW2, which was what truly introduced me to most of the characters and relationships I love. SW3 is the runner up for having some wonderful storylines/better game play (I just like being able to use items to heal my fellow officers, okay.) SW2:E gets an honorable mention for being incredibly fun to play and having wonderful dialogues.

4 - Least Favorite Game: Despite being the first one I played, SW1. It's game play is just clunky and the battlefields are boring. I like the ability to equip items and the alternating branch paths though, plus the alternate character costumes are fun.

5 - Favorite Weapon: I really don't put much thought into this, at all, but I guess both Oichi's Kendama and her hoops. They're so fun to play and easy to use.

6 - Least Favorite Weapon None off the top of my head, though I guess I always found Okuni's parasol a pain in the ass to use.

7 - Favorite Character Game play: Oichi, hands down, especially in SW3, because it is absolutely thrilling to be skipping around in pink while killing your enemies. A second would go to Kunoichi for being damn fast.

8 - Least Favorite Character Game play: Kotaro because he is somehow just difficult for me to use. Also, Gracia's very lacking range when it comes to normal attacks is extremely off putting.

9 - Favorite Ship: This is a tiiiie between KanetsuguxMasamune and KanetsuguxYukimura.

KanetsuguxMasamune is my forever ship, which I shipped in SW2 because it was a delicious crackship full of bickering and yelling. And then in SW3, it suddenly became tsunderish goodness with them being mean to each other, but also coming to respect each other and they got each other's back secretly and help each other out, while calling each other names. I'll admit, it's filled with many awful, awful pings for me.

KanetsuguxYukimura is part Amat's fault. It's all fluffy devotion and WE ARE MEANT TO BE AS ONE goodness, but with the potential to be very messed up depending on the time aka MURDERSUCIDE IN SW2 AND CALLING YUKIMURA A CHERRYBLOSSOM WHICH KANETSUGU HATES type fucked upness. Really I think my only cockblock against shipping this pairing is pixiv doesn't ship it as much as KanetsuguxYukimura, which is all the sads.

10 - Least Favorite Ship: SakonxMitsunari, hands down. Part of it's that the relationship type doesn't ping me, part of it is how obsessive the fans are and the way they treat Mitsunari. Mitsunari isn't a blushing maiden for him and it would take waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more work than most of them admit. Plus, I just really wish it hadn't dominated SW2 fandom the way it had.

11 - Favorite Non-Romantic Ship: MagoxGracia in SW2, because it all about being pals and it is both sad and heartwarming. And Gracia is made of pure sunshine.

12 - Favorite Musou: This is hard, but I will go with Katsuie's, because running around whacking things with twin axes is super gratifying.

13 - Most Good Looking Character (Female): SW3!Noh. Her look is just gorgeous in this game and her sex appeal just works.

14 - Most Good Looking Character (Male): Hard question to answer. If forced, I would say Nagamasa. It is criminal that someone be that pretty and marrieeeeed.

15 - Favorite Outfit: Okuni's SW3!outfit is my favorite for the ladies, because I like all the bows and use of red. For guys, it's definitely Masamune's SW3 outfit, even though the stupid helmet hides his sexier hair. Honorable mentions go to SW3!Mitsuhide (it's the fucking ponytail, okay) and SW3!Noh (holy fucking boobs).

16 - Least Favorite Outfit: SW3!Hanzo, ponytails are not a good look for you :(.

17 - Favorite Army/Clan: Toyotomi family! Because they are cute and yet tragic, since without Hideyoshi to keep them in line, the boys kind of suck.

18 - Your Warriors Orochi Team: I really don't have one, but I can see myself doing Kanetsugu, Masamune and Yukimura for obviously fangirlish reasons, otherwise my have to is Kunoichi so I can actually GET places.

19 - I Wish For The Next SW…: Other than things I mentioned with Mitsuhide, I want Kagekatsu in a game. Really that is all. Oh and please some more honor trio stuff this time around.

20 - Please don’t ever happen…: As much as the fangirl tears would be delicious, I hope Mitsunari never gets a girlfriend/canon love interest, because the shippers would be gross about a girl getting in the way of their ship/or else they'd treat her as a self insert.

Also, I'll be pissed if they drop Masamune's character development and his relationships with Kanetsugu and Mago.

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