Jan. 11th, 2012

givemeyourhonor: (Kanetsugu loving on Masamune)
For more info on this anime, because I am lazy and hate explaining...

But this is really the kind of mindless fluff I love sometimes. The characters are cute, it's incredibly silly and the romantic hijinks, while not my favorite part of the show, are still fun to watch. It's more on the parody side, like Ouran, but takes it's self less seriously. It manages to be slashy, while having the canon het pairings it's leaning towards still being enjoyable (though I really think Yuji needs to run far, far away from Shouko for ever.) Akihisa is really enjoyable as a main character and is easily my favorite, tied with Yuji.

My only real complaint is that the ending felt waaaay too status quo in a way that was annoying, even if I liked the sentiment behind it. And on a lesser note, it is VERY cliche in places, but in a way I found fun, since it's not really trying to be serious or deal.

But this is was a nice series to work out too. And just chill out watching in general. But yes, I shall be watching all the anime and putting down all the (boring) thoughts.

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