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I'll probably be trying to take up some challenges to get more variety, but lol... otherwise this is just all Makai Ouji stuff.

1. Actually write more on that Sytry/William fic and maybe figure out where I want it to go? I already have two more chapters to post that I should actually edit. I should just get over the jitters.

2. Maybe post a chapter of the fantasy AU? I like it well enough and it's fun to write.

3. Post that one Danwill fanfic I started. Not that the fantasy Au doesn't have it, but I want to try that dumb arranged marriage thing out, also I would be tumblr fandom's hero.

4. I should actually finish that Kevin/William one shot. Or write one of the other million ones floating around my head.

5. In non-makai ouji things, I should write a voltron or yoi fanfic. I just need to get something in my head though. But I want to get writing more fanfic in general and relieve the time when I posted my shamelessness about with no... well shame. I believe in myself though.

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