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So I'm in chapter 3 doing side quests and thoughts so far:

I'm really enjoying myself so far? I like didn't pay much attention to this game at all, so I think my expectations were pretty low, because I didn't think it'd come out, or when it did, it'd be bad. Like I wanted it to be good, because final fantasy is a franchise I've loved since childhood.

And the game has been an amazing surprise. While I don't think great looking graphics are the end and be all of a game, it's just so good looking. And the battle system is taking a bit to get used to, but it can be a lot of fun when it goes right. The music is really nice too, I especially love the one main world theme and it's lovely pastoral quality.

I wasn't impressed by the dumb hair the protags first had when their designs were first released, but I've grown very attached to all of them. The game really goes out of his way to make you feel attached to them and their dynamic, not just through story, but through the way the mechanics work. It's very clever and is something I think this game will be recognized for if nothing else.

I also love all the side quests. You can waste time doing nothing but side quests before going onto the main plot and you don't feel annoyed doing it. It contributes to the world feel nicely and has obvious benefits.

There are a gazillion details here and there that are fascinating to look into, such as magazines, listening to different radio stations and all of that.

If I have to say what I don't like, it's mainly that the buttons for tutorial stuff when they appear on the screen are really small, though it might be my tv. Also I really hate sayings this, but I just don't like the T and A design on Cindy. She's a nice enough girl, but it's just awkward. You can do sexy, fanservice girls without... doing whatever it is they were doing with her.

Also, maybe it gets much better later no, but like many people have said, you shouldn't need to watch Kingsglaive to get the plot. I don't think you actually need to watch brotherhood though, but I'll admit it's been a long time.

Also another thing I like though, is that character outfits aren't nearly as stupid, save for the one complaint above. Like the main four are dressed so normally it's almost jarring. It's also interesting going through all these towns and seeing something that's.. I don't know what word I'm looking for, american road trip? It's bizarre and fascinating at the same time.

But yep, I am liking this so far. Whatever I feel about this game as a whole when it's done, you did good square. Proud of you.
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