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Kind of forgot about this for a while, but I've been working on my anime backlog. I finished Samurai Warriors and over all my feelings were okayish?

[Bad username or unknown identity: cut for unedited rambling]
I did like focusing on the little things that led up to Osaka castle and seeing Yukimura's exile. I kind of hate that they downplayed Kanetsugu the way they did though and also sometimes felt like Nobuyuki's was a little... I don't know, too perfect? Like he's not always right, but I got tired of him in someways. Like I both enjoy the sanada bros and I'm getting leery of how the series is promoting them at the expense of everything else.

Also Hidetada, I get what they were trying to do with his character and the idea of him being a pacifist at heart was interesting, but I didn't feel that was foreshadowed right. His arrogance comes off like arrogance instead of arrogance used to cope with an inferiority complex.

Masamune wasn't utilized well at all either. He's just there to be an extra antagonist and sneer at people. We don't get see his idealism. His motivation in the later half of the games post sekigahara is building a new and better world. I don't feel like we saw that much.

I have mixed feelings on the girls, because they didn't get to fight nearly as much as I wanted to. It often felt like they were there to wait on the guys, though Kunoichi did get to fight in the end a bit. And I do actually like how they handled her feelings for Yukimura compared to in sw3 where they first went full force on it. I also I liked seeing Nene pop up here and there, doing things.

I am not familiar with Naomasa's character having not played his game yet, but I liked the little bit we had with him. That said, I also felt what we saw was a little too limited. It also would have been good to have him reference Naotora a little.

Overall, I think it's an anime that needed to be A. Longer and B. Have a few more characters in, as well as being a little more true to the storylines of characters they did have in. But it was enjoyable enough otherwise.
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