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Pillar 84 thoughts and spoilers and theories

-So Barton's powers apparently allow for him to inflict disease at any time, though it doesn't seem he can always predict the potency or who will be afflicted first in a group. He meant for his family to die peacefully in bed, no doubt thinking that people would blame the rainy day and the trip to a busy race track as reasons for disease.

Instead the coach man sickened immediately and died, causing the crash. But mysteriously, William wasn't sick at all and was missing the ring.

Possibility is that Barton assumes that it's that the ring allows some form of immunity, though I'm sure it will turn out that he's mistaken, because William is a true version of Solomon, ring or not. That or Samael has mislead Barton as to what the ring does.

-Also shit, Barton is powerful. The horseman are mortal gods it seems, more powerful than heaven or hell, but bound by fate and their human bodies. That must be really frustrating. Also Dantalion wonders about the fate of Lucifer, making it obvious that Barton has done something, though what remains to be seen. They have been alluding to Lucifer not being the true master mind, but where is he?

And what will happen with Dantalion now that he's been cursed with disease? I assume that he's going to try to avoid William for his own good, which I'm hoping will lead to a confrontation between the two that is needed, with William calling him out on that. As sweet as Dantalion's over protectiveness is, it often leads to him being patronizing and not treating William as an equal partner. So maybe this will be the catalyst for much needed change.

-Meanwhile in William's stable, they are having a pow wow. Michael wants to go down to hell, but William tells him off because he's too weak, pretty much making it clear that if Michael is going, it won't be alone.

They discuss things and Camio says that Samael wants William, or rather Solomon to become the next king. This is something I've suspected for a long time since the early chapters. That Lucifer may have wanted Solomon to join him in hell. This might even be why Solomon keeps reincarnating, because both God and Lucifer claimed him and now his soul is trapped.

They mention that the problem with this is that William has too much of a sense of self to be Solomon. So apparently Samael's goal is to have William die so that Barton will become Solomon's next vessel. Barton's will is theoretically weaker, so he will become Solomon. This seems chancy.

-William also reflects once again on demons dying or going to sleep and realizes that Dantalion planned to die when they spoke on solstice night.

-William states that regardless of what heaven and hell do, earth is fucked either way thanks to the horseman. He then turns to Mathers and pretty much confirms that he is a horseman, which isn't a surprise to anyone. Mathers notes that the horseman are almost never all together, otherwise the apocalypse would happen. Whether that means they never all meet, or maybe aren't even all active/born in the same time isn't clear. He also notes that their actions are entirely guided by fate, with little choice or free will involved.

Mathers talks about a life where he's been striving to find meaning, studying theology, science, occultism and even acting as an exorcist and wondering if even those choices were free ones. When he asks William if he seems as if he is being controlled, he gets a blunt no. He then explains the reason he chose to help William: he believes that Solomon has the power to break through fate. He also makes it clear that he isn't sure which horseman he is. I'm assuming war since he is something of an instigator, but that's hard to say.

When Kevin gets protective of William, Mathers shrugs him off, saying he could easily wipe the floor with him. William makes it clear that he doesn't mind what Mathers is though, saying they'll just stop him if he does something dangerous and they shake on it. William really does believe in his friends.

-then begins a little war council. William decides they should go down to hell, retrieve Dantalion and meet Lucifer and make Lucifer finically compensate him, because William. Mathers notes there is a problem as the two best gateways are unavailable.

At this moment, Westcott comes in with the Yard and is surprised to be greeted by Mathers. And then we leave off with the Order of the Golden Dawn being introduced and another cliff hanger.

I am happy with this chapter though, because we finally have a goal for William and his group, after over a year of waiting. Going to hell and thus finally meeting Lucifer. We have a little more confirmation about what happened the night William's parents died, but we are still missing why William wasn't killed and why he forgot that night. We also have Dantalion in a new bind (maybe he can be the damsel for once instead of William.) There's confirmation of what Mathers is and the introduction of a new group, the golden dawn.

But thoughts, theories and wishes at this point:

-Westcott is likely another horseman, that or possibly as a split personality as indicated in Isaac's undercover section which included him and jack the ripper, which I can't find now, but it's interesting to reread. It seemed heavily implied he was a murderer either way and responsible for what happened in London

-The theme of fate and the constraints we desperately try to break free of is a constant in this series and is discussed a bit in this chapter. Barton is so painfully constrained by his fate that he kills his own family and is willing to lose his own sense of self and become Solomon if it means not being what he is. Essentially commit suicide.

And Mathers says that he decided to help William because he believed Solomon has the power to defy fate. Solomon, who felt so constrained by his fate that he chose to die himself. Despair and hopelessness sometimes drive us to desperate, nonsensical actions and I think the horsemen demonstrate that perfectly this chapter.

-Also though, I like how we see more of William's ability to just accept people. He's gone from the angry boy who rejected everyone who threatened his stability to the person he is now. He accepted Dantalion despite him having killed him in the past life. He accepted Kevin despite his lies and he accepted Mathers despite the danger he inherently poses not just to William, but humanity. William's a person who trusts his experiences with others. He trusted Dantalion because of his proven loyalty. He trusts Kevin because he's proven his love. And he trusted Mathers who's always aided him.
I like the way his bonds have been developing and growing.

-Also is William going to join the golden dawn and learn more about magic? Or something like that? Who knows, but we will sure find out! Also what about Isaac? This has to be yet another dream fulfilled for him.

But I've been loving all our more recentish chapters. Each one drops a new bombshell and leave me excited for more. I’m hoping that the journey to hell will happen soon.

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